Knowledge of Geography helps us to explore and understand the space and place by recognizing the differences in respect to landscapes and environments, cultures, economic condition and relationship among them. Geographers used to study complex behavior like environmental change, economic growth and development, globalization, population growth, migration, land-use change and geopolitics.

Our department always motivates and develops understanding among the students with the analytical skills for finding cause and effect among the physical and cultural components of Geography as well as trained them for all necessary instrument with in depth hand on practice. Our faculties are well aware about the dynamic nature of our subject, they always enhance themselves for the service to our students. Our expert faculty members delivers instruction to students in the areas of physical geography, Geographical thought, cultural and human geography, population and demography, Political Geography, Remote Sensing and geographic information science (GIS) and human geography. They provide not only the subject knowledge, the always serves our students as per their need like computer knowledge, software etc. 

Popular careers in Geography includes academics (teacher), Researcher, Cartographers, Environmental Consultant, Urban Planner, Tourism Officer, GIS Specialist, Demographer, Hydrologist etc. Apart from the above mentioned careers in subject domain, knowledge of geography always helps students for different competitive examinations like IAS, IFS, and WBCS etc.