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About The College

Nahata Jogendra Nath Mondal Smriti Mahavidyalaya is a co-educational institution. The history of this institution is a history of progress. This college is mainly built for the purpose of education and development of the poor and falling behind students. In 1983, an all-out effort was undertaken in the area by the Government of West Bengal to expand higher education in rural Bengal and realize the aspirations of the people. Nahata Jogendranath Mondal Smriti Mahavidyalaya was affiliated to Calcutta University and this was established on 1st July 1985 with the efforts of the then Education Minister Mr. Kanti Biswas and the late Mr. Shantimoy Ghosh and with the sincerity and cooperation of people from all sections of the society.

From the Principal's Desk

Nahata Jogendra Nath Mondal Smiriti Mahavidyalaya is a traditional institution which has been producing many successful men in the society as well as in the nation since 1985. Beyond our state, they are highly appreciated in the country and abroad. This college was built with the hard work, love and cooperation of the people of the area. Our college is the product of a successful effort and one of the examples of the power of human willI. I pay my respect to all the dignitaries of the area and to the Headmaster and other teachers, non- teaching staff of the Nahata High School. A little away from the hustle and bustle, our college stands on a few bighas of green land with its magnificent beauty. It is an ideal place to study in a natural and noise free environment. Here special care is taken to the students and they are made life oriented. Our teachers always strive to keep up with the times and dream of making them future people. Students are taught with joy so that learning never becomes a burden to them but learning becomes a vehicle for them. All necessary steps are taken keeping in mind their all round development. Human beings are universally beautiful and we always dream with determination to make them a human being and work tirelessly to make their dreams come true. A child can never be made a good person without keeping touch with society and their parents, so we are constantly in touch with the parents of the students ...

✠ Mission & Vision

To serve the needs of the locality by providing higher education with a multifaceted human-centred approach to the socially, economically and other backward class masses for a better educational environment and holistic development.

M1: To create an enlightened society by educating the local younger section of the society and make them competent for the development of the nation.
M2: To orient the local younger generation with multidisciplinary courses and make them capable of pursuance of higher studies and research activities.
M3: To provide quality education to all the students of the area for integrated growth and personality development.
M4: To create a quality youth force through value education beyond their syllabus so that they bear the responsibility to fight against ignorance, illiteracy and other social evils.
M5: To explore the qualities and talents of the students and provide them with facilities for pursuance of their talents at the state and national levels and also shape their talents into professional skills.

✠ Code Of Conduct

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