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Our college is having an enriched library with a reading room facility. It is managed by a Well-constituted Library Committee. The teaching and non-teaching staffs are equally focused on enhancing the library facilities.



  1. The Library is open to all the Students, Faculty and Staff of this college.
  2. The library remains open for all 6 days excepting on Sundays and other holidays.
  3. Entry with bags into the library is not allowed.
  4. It is desirable to maintain silence in the library. Making loud noises inside the library and especially in the reading room is strictly prohibited. Severe disciplinary action will be taken if the library users become engaged in any activity which may disturb or distract the attention of other users.
  5. At the beginning of the academic session, each and every student will be provided with Library Membership Cards against which they will be able to borrow books from library.
  6. 1st year honours students may borrow 2 books and general stream students may borrow 1 book at a time.
  7. 2nd year honours and general stream students will get 2 books at a time.
  8. 3rd year honours students will get 4 books and general stream students will get 2 books at a time.
  9. Students can borrow books every time for 15 days at a stretch. They, however, can renew these books twice within due dates. It means twice duly renewed books can be kept for 45 days at a stretch. However, they should keep in mind that when the books are not demanded by other students or the supply of the books is adequate, then only the books may be reissued. Not more than two consecutive renewals may be made for the same book.
  10. The Faculty and other Staff of this college can borrow books for maximum 2 months.
  11. Students intending to borrow books must submit filled-in requisition slips in the library from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM and collect books from 1: 30 PM to 3 PM. At the time of collecting/issuing the books, they must carry Library Cards with them. They are advised to follow the time-schedule as stated above. Submission of requisition slip and collection of books will not be entertained beyond prescribed time.
  12.  Students must enter the library carrying their Identity Cards and Library Cards with them. Without these two cards, they are not allowed to enter the library.
  13. Newspapers, Magazines, Journals, Dictionaries, books which might be difficult to replace, books with only one copy and such other books considered as Reference Books are not allowed to be issued to the Library users.
  14.  Library users taking books without permission or damaging books will be punished suitably. They must not tear, write upon, or make marks on any library book. They should collect books in good order and return them in the same order also, as they will be held responsible for any damage detected at the time of return or thereafter.
  15.  If a borrowed book is lost or damaged, the concerned student should buy the latest edition of the book and submit it in the library. Otherwise they will have to pay the printed price along with some extra amount as compensation to be decided by the college authority.
  16. Students must not damage the Date labels and book pockets pasted at the back-side of each book.
  17. Duplicate Library Card may be issued with due permission from the college authority, followed by official procedures, if any.
  18. Having food, smoking and talking in mobile on the part of the library users are strictly prohibited in the library.
  19. Books taken out of the shelves/stacks for reading purpose must be left on the table. Placing the books in the wrong place or different shelves of the stacks is not encouraged as it may get misplaced. Misplaced book is like a lost book.
  20. Disobeying library rules and/or misbehaving with library staff members will attract punishment/penalty including cancellation of library card.
  21.  Students should keep it in mind that they must submit all the books before examination and collect Library Clearance Certificates from the library. They will be required to show it to the office before they are issued Admit Cards for examination in each session.



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